15 items for your studio photoshoot

I'm often asked what is the best clothes to wear when it comes to studio shoots. The brief answer is - the one that looks amazing on you and especially makes you feel comfortable and - most important - yourself. If this still doesn't make things clear - I've made a list of clothes that would be helpful when you're getting ready for a photoshoot. Most of these items will also suit the outside shoot. So here're 15 pieces of clothing that will help you to create stylish outfits for your studio shoot! 


Firstly the simple pieces (that would also suit other types of shoots): 

1.  White shirt. Whether it's a simple studio shoot or a boudoir shoot, white shirt is the best option that suits everyone. Take bigger size for trendy oversize look, or even borrow it from your boyfriend's closet. This piece of clothing goes well with literally any bottom and can be styled in various ways. You can wear it alone or with a bralette underneath, off-shoulder, wear above another top, tie around your waist.. millions of possibilities ♾ 

2. Simple blue jeans. Mom-fit jeans for relaxed look, or straight ones for a trendy look. Looks awesome with a white shirt that you've already taken ?  Choose any type of jeans, the main requirement - they should look flattering!

3. Simple top or t-shirt - white, beige, grey or black. Use as a base - can be combined with any bottom! 

4.  Blazer. Can create a powerful woman look or add spice if you wear a bralette (or nothing ? ) underneath. 

5. Culottes or wide-leg pants. A simple way to upgrade your outfit to fashionista level ? 

6. Trench coat. Although the studio shoot is indoors, this item might still be useful for creating stylish and sexy looks - see the example. 

7. Satin/silky slip dress. Yes, it might look like a pj. But who cares as long as it looks great?! ??

8. Sneakers. Basic white ones or ugly sneakers instead. 

9. Heels. Beige or black ones to suit any outfit ? 

And now on to more alluring outfits


10. Bodysuits & bralettes. Simple or lacy, pick up the one you feel looks the best on you! 

11. Lingerie - basic one-color or delicate lacy sets. ? 

12. Tights. Might sound weird, but wearing only tights on a boudoir shoot sometimes is enough for a catching shot! Try it ? 



Although not always needed, they might add trendy vibes to your outfit. The ones that I recommend:


13. Earrings. Especially large earrings that you can't dare wearing outside would look good on photos.

14. Necklace. Chains, pendants, gold or silver - they will add final touches to your outfit.

15. Hair clips. Although pearl hair clips went viral and we've seen them everywhere, there are still fresh options available - try simple gold pins, shell clips or barrettes. 

Bringing most of these pieces of clothing to a shoot would help you to create so many amazing outfits ? Hope this post makes it easier for you to prepare for your studio shoot! 

More useful lists and advices to come, stay tuned and don't forget to follow me on instagram: @kristinasuzi