Accessories for summer shoots

Summer season is approaching and it's time for summer shoots! Today I'll talk about accessories that will complement your summer outfits. 


- Hats! Choose a straw hat for even more summer vibes.

- Sunglasses. Try to experiment with shapes and lenses - round, mirror, heart-shaped or 90s style - works great for any shoot. 

- Straw bag. It's simple - denim and a straw bag to level up your style.

- Hair scarf - pony tail with scarf looks cute and will add final touches to your look.

- Jewellery - necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets. Shell necklaces mixed with gold chains and earrings = ideal choice for summer shoots. 

- Denim jacket - my absolute fave for summer outfits, can be mixed with basically anything. ? 


Props that can be also used to add summer vibes: 

- Food (ice cream, cotton candy, watermelon, coca cola, etc.)

- Bunch of flowers - peonies are almost everyone's faves ;) However, simple ones such as sunflowers or daisy bouquet will also look amazing. 


Was the post useful for you? Stay tuned to keep up with the latest posts, where I'm going to share more ideas on clothes, shoots preparation, phone editing, etc.